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The Play of Change

It was lazy summer Monday, as I looked at my cycle, it reminded me that its tires had less air pressure in them. I went into my balcony to fetch my air pump, and went straight towards my cycle tires. Well as we all know this, filling up air into cycle tires, is not a piece of cake, and it is quite a ‘tiresome’ process. So as to reduce my physical misery, I plugged into my Ipod, and pressed the shuffle button on it.

Coincidentally, the first song which was played on my Ipod was my favorite song – Californication by the funk rock band Red Hot Chilli pepper. It is quite a relaxing listen, and while listening to this song, I was filling up air in my tires. The lyrics of the song went on as follows –

“Psychic spies from China try to steal your mind’s elation

Little girls from Sweden dream of silver screen quotations”


The lyrics of this particular song are quite spectacular in its own ways!

This song transported me into a new dimension. It was quite unusual phenomenon, despite the song being catchy, it didn’t distract me from the primary task at hand, rather  it made me concentrate more on it. As I was filling up air, the bright sun rays which were falling on my cycle suddenly dimmed, as if somebody came up from behind  me and drew the curtains. Initially I thought someone came up from behind me to prank me, but to my surprise there was no there, only I was there with my pump and cycle. I ignored this phenomenon, and continued filling up air, and again suddenly there was light on me, bright sun rays again fell on me. This particular activity went on for a while, as all these interesting things kept happening, in my headphone Californication played on. For all the people who haven’t heard this song, this song basically talks about how things go about in California, rather how California is actually Hollywood and vice versa. But I like to interpret it as a song about change. How seemingly random happenings in our world, have small but certain influence on our ways and perception of things around us. The bright and dim foreplay of the sun and clouds in nature, made me think about whether somebody was standing behind me. All I’m trying to say is that we are victim of changes occurring in this brave world. These changes may not always be pertaining to us, they may be occurring on a larger scale of things such as nature, but  they do have an influence on us. In short, we can consider change to be happening/ incident in our everyday life, whose casualty is us. The causality can be a positive thing for some of us, on the other hand others may not cope up well with it. The positive or negative causality of change depends upon us, and our perception of change. As I’m lost in my thoughts, suddenly my mind is distracted in the right direction towards my headphone, which still played the same song.

The lyrics now says –

” The sun may rise in the east, at least it settles in the final location”.

At that moment, I realize that the “Sun” is the change, and East and final location(West) are our perception of change.

This is the music video of this great song! 🙂

😀 🙂


A Broken Stringed man

This article, well it is the sequel to the article-“a man with no strings attached”, and if you are reading this article I would recommend you reading the previous article, otherwise you will miss the crisp of it. The link is :A man with No strings attached


 This is something that I feel time and time again! An amazing quote!!

 I have being changing my homes and cities ever since i was born, I don’t have the constant group of friends, rather I have a variable group of friends. I’m losing out on the feeling of belongingness. To be honest with you, I never did talk about how I’m constantly leaving behind a group of good friends as I’m changing cities. This ritual of leaving behind people has always annoyed it. Wherever I feel like I have this sense of belonging to a place, it is unfortunately the time to change  cities. This is how I’m losing my set of people. When I meet my old pals, they seem have moved on from me, I feel like I have missed a lot of things in between. I feel that I lost a good friendships in these lost years. In the previous piece, I might have talked about how people like me nomads have this ability to adapt to new surrounding, but we too have a regret and sometimes we feel insecure that we might not belong anywhere. We might remain as nomads, always forgotten and lost. This feeling is the thing that I regret the most.


                   This is one powerful quote, from an equally powerful and hard-hitting movie!

By now, you must have figured out why this article is titled broken stringed man. This man is like a puppet, who is controlled by different masters at each time, but in the process this puppet loses on originality, it loses on the attributes that makes him unique. Life of nomad may seem to be an interesting lifestyle for a person who doesn’t move much, you get to meet a lot of people, have a lot of friends, the drawback is that you lose stability of a friendship. This makes me reassure to the fact that we always crave for things that we don’t possess, and we aren’t happy with what we have, but I guess that is the challenge in living your life, you never now how things will change.

A man with NO strings Attached

On the 6th of Jan 5 months ago I turned 20, I would like to take this opportunity to write about my journey as a child to a young adult. Until now, I have changed my residence about 5 or 6 times and not to mention the number of schools I have changed. The city where I live now, is not the city where I was born, that city is completely different. Moreover the place where I spent my early childhood years is different from the place where I spent my early teens. I always wondered how people feel when they live in the city where they are born, because I am completely alien to that feeling. All in all, I feel no longing for any place, because the place where I’m now maybe be the place where I might not be few years from now. When you change places or cities so frequently, you don’t actually have a constant group of friends, they always change as you move from one place to another.

As far as I can remember I’m used to spending time alone, not that I can’t make friends, but the high that I get exploring things on my own is a different experience altogether. Whenever people ask me about where I was from, the question automatically turns to why did you change cities. I’m  tired of giving people explanation for such trivial things. But this is my journey through this 20 years, I can say that for all these years I have lived a life of nomad. I have no affiliated group of friends because they always change, but one thing that I don’t feel is the sense of belonging to a place. This feeling is missing in my head, whenever I hear people say that we are going to move to a different city, they make a huge fuzz of it, they talk about how they are going to miss their friends, for me I’m like “meh, that’s fine let’s see what this city has to offer to me”. Since I have this missing gene for a sense of belonging, I have this highly evolved ability to adjust to my surrounding. All those people who are always changing cities will get this feeling. But we nomads develop this ability to explore the place where we stay, because that might  not be where we will be in a next couple of years.


I couldn’t resist myself from drawing this amazing Ultron reference! 😀

As I near the final days of being not a graduate, it is clear to me that for my higher education I’m definitely going to change cities or maybe states. In all this I learned one thing, adapt to your new surroundings and the transition will be much easier. As I have said before for people like me, we know the true meaning  of change is the only constant, because literally for us that is TRUE.  Sometimes life wants you to learn certain lessons, way before you are aware of your conscience. Maybe the life of nomad was the ultimate way of life telling me that YOU ARE BORN FOR THIS. 🙂

Change is the only constant

You must have come across this myth several times in your life- Nothing changes in a day but everything changes when you look at the big picture. We want our life, our routine to stay the same, but despite this we still want something interesting occurring in our life, so that it changes everything. It is ironical, but it is true. Wherever we like a certain spectrum of bands that play similar music( rock scene, pop scene), we make a vow to ourselves that we would listen to this music for the rest of our life, but as years pass unconsciously we change the music we listen to, and subsequently break that vow we made years ago.



The inspiration behind the post!! Thanks C.S. Lewis sir!!

This just highlights the most important aspect of our life- Change; Change is a factor that drives almost each and every aspect of our life. It is string of events that occur that change our situations in our life, they are good, bad, worst, but remember they are NEVER permanent. It teaches us to adept to this ever flowing river called life; the way we react to change makes everyone different. During my 2 months stint away far away from home. I got used to the hostel life, I truly enjoyed it, but when I came back home, I found it hard to get back to my normal life. The moral of the story is don’t make the mistakes I made, don’t get used to a particular way of life, don’t put your heart and soul to a particular way of life, in short don’t attach feelings/longings to a particular routine, adopt a simple principle- Change is the way of life. Have you observed a particular thing that happens to us when we’re listening to music, we tend to enjoy music when we are in a journey, or when we are in a transient phase, than when we are at equilibrium. This is just another way of life telling us that TO CHANGE IS TO GROW. Change is the only constant, embrace it not too tightly, but ENJOY it!!

Make Amends and follow them!!

It has being a month since I have written a new article. There were several reasons for my absentia, well there were a lot of things that demanded priority over all other things, and I’m sorry for that, I’m sorry that I left you hanging, but now I’m back and here to stay. To talk in more sophisticated terms, I had made amends regarding some important things in my life, which I had to complete, and if I have really completed these things sincerely I will reap benefits from my hard work, it will steer my life in the right direction.


 Well said!

Amends- this word has many meanings- one of them is make up for a past wrongdoing, to compensate for a wrong act, and there is yet another meaning to it too- changing priorities according to changing circumstances, and that’s what happened to me lately. I have a bucket list of to-do-things, in which I had reshuffle a few things, I had to take some things on a higher level while bring down other things to a lower level. I’m sure everybody must have experienced this at least once in their life. You have a hobby, which you pursue rigorously, but at certain situations we have to keep our hobbies in stasis, and focus on other important stuff, that demands our attention ASAP, in those times we act in ways, such that our hobbies receive a bit of setback. But that doesn’t mean we don’t care about our hobby, it just means that certain instances force us to do that, even against our own will.


An Amazing quote indeed!!

The important thing to learn from such circumstances is that we need to precisely know when to take this action, when to change our priorities. Moreover, there is another important lesson that we learn from this, is it really possible to break our flow of things, and then again reinvent the same things in new ways? It helps us differentiate between hobbies that we love to do, and the things that we are compelled to do. The hobbies which we are compelled to do at the behest of someone, eventually stop because we are not passionate about them, but the hobbies that we are passionate about never EVER fade away, they remain as they are- unchanged, unbiased and timeless. It is important to get back to our passion as soon as the stressful period is over, so that we can again calm down, relax our mind and let off some pressure, which builds up as a result of such a situation.


An awesome artwork of the quote of Mahatma Gandhi!

Remember the moment that defines you, is the time you set your objectives straight according to changing circumstances, and when you accomplish those objectives successfully!! 🙂

The source of images: The Internet

Like the sun we will live to rise!!

image This photograph served me as a reward for the climb Well I took this photograph when I climbed a small hill which is behind my home, which is set in between the great mountain range of sahydris. It was quite rewarding to get this great capture of sunset and it served me as a compensation for climb over this small hill. After I took this photograph it reminded me of the lyrics of the song “live to rise” by soundgarden. The chorus of the song is like the sun we will live to rise again. Incidently it is the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed movie avengers. image This particular image encapsulates the integrity of the avengers At some point in the movie, the so called avengers team almost dissembles, but again to be reunited for the ultimate battle against Loki and subsequently saving the earth from the aliens’ attack. The same way, when life breaks you into several pieces, we should remember to pick up all these broken pieces consciously by a positive attitude, and start again so that we are victorious over such dire times. The sun sets in the evening just to rise again in the next morning and it is periodic process, I don’t need to explain this. We can get so many lessons from this nature around us. In our life, there are certain events where we are at the lowest point, we lose the hope to rise again but we should remember a popular saying it is always darkest before dawn. For every hard thing that occurs in our life, there is always a positive change that occurs afterwards, we should remember that we should always keep our head and hopes high. Hard times are designed to make us stronger and we have to take these times vigorously because for every dark day in our life, there is a moral revolution that happens in our behaviour, so that we are well equipped to take this uncertain world. This world always is designed so that we are let down, but this is the ultimate chance of a moral evolution  is required once in a while so that we remain rooted to our ideals and virtues. Our life should be like the sun which sets to rise again once more in the short predictable future.

The true meaning of being nostalgic

Just 2 days ago, my mid semester exam got over which was going on for a last 7 days, I had exam every alternate day, and for the last paper, there was not enough time to study, but on the contrary the last exam went very well and as compared to the previous 4 papers, I think I will get a good score. Yesterday I took some time out in the morning to clean up my closet, which required rather demanded cleaning for an entire year, which I was postponing for every small excuse.

While cleaning I found some old Duelmaster cards, some Pokemon tazos and my own tooth which I had preserved for a long long time. It might seem a bit odd keeping your tooth in a zip lock for the last 4-5 years or so, but preserved tooth signified something very powerful, it signified that I had successfully moved on from the difficult times I had in my past. At that moment I finally got what it meant to be nostalgic, a feeling of longing for a memory good or bad, which might not happen in your life again. completelyuelmaster cards and Pokemon tazos, signifed something really positive, it was a time which I had a lot of friends,we played together, traded those cards, we even tried to figure out how exactly do we play with those cards yet unsuccessfully, though all this reminded me one thing, I had changed a lot, and the old times in our life are undeniably different than the present times.


Duelmaster cards, Pokemon tazos and a statue of liberty eraser(souvenir of my 2008 USA trip)

The preserved tooth reminded me of my struggle to speak when I had braces, it was the most difficult phase of my life, most of the time I became a laughing stock in front of all my friends, it felt really bad, but the preserved tooth has told me another great story. It told me that it is possible to move on from your past and live in the present. I remember quite well that when I preserved that tooth I told my parent that, when I will look back at this tooth in the near future things will be different, it will signify something really pristine and special when I see it in the near future. Incidently that’s what has happened I changed braces got off and I could properly express myself, people stop making fun of me, rather people start respecting me as a man with a plan in his mind. This incident told me one thing that we change as time passes by, and we should always remember that the change is for the best.

Today I completely understand what it means to be nostalgic, to be happy that bad things happened to me, I had the courage and confidence to overcome all difficulties, and emerge as a man with enough confidence to express myself properly and hope to complete my objective in my mind. 🙂