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One year back on the occasion of Diwali, I was relaxing  in my countryside home, listening to old Hindi songs on vinyl records, and now I’m freezing up in Delhi winter, feeling all the more nostalgic for my culture. To give a background check on things, I’m from Maharashtra, and currently I’m in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi about 1500 km away from home. I have to say this, this is the first Diwali I’m spending away from home and it is completely different feeling altogether. So it is obligatory for me to write a nostalgic post about celebrating Diwali away from home. I would not say celebrating but living through Diwali in a hostel.


All our adventures and journeys in the end lead to one destination- HOME!

Diwali for all Indians is like Christmas time, everybody is home, relatives and close friends visit you and you visit them, everybody enjoys sweet delicacies at each other’s houses. But for me, all I remember about spending Diwali last year, was writing an environmental-pro post on why we shouldn’t burst fire crackers and damage our own health as well as other’s sanity. Looking back at that post this year away from home, I feel different, I feel sad that I’m not with my family, and moreover I will let my anti-cracker stance slide for the moment, just for the sake of my argument. For the people of state, this festival is celebrated differently and its importance is more than any other festival, it is celebrated with much zeal and gusto.

I cherish this particular quote by William Trevor!

Looking at the culture of Delhi, rather looking at how Diwali is celebrated at Delhi, I feel like I’m not even in India, I feel like I’m displaced away from home, these celebrations in the university campus make me feel more displaced and long harder for my state and its people. Celebration in the campus should make Diwali feel homely for all outstation students, rather it alienates me more, and makes me miss my family my mom and dad back home. Today on the first day of Diwali, I suddenly realize that I’m indeed away from home , and at the same time it makes this university campus more foreign and different than usual. On regular days, I don’t feel like I’m away from home, I do know that my home is away from me, but just that I have friends here, and it reduces my longing for home to some extent. I understand today what it feels to be displaced from home and how detachment feels like.

I truly understand what it means by,

” You don’t know what you got, until its gone”


Precisely! 😉

Wish you all a happy, safe and prosperous Diwali! 🙂

P.S I’m sorry that I broke my promise for posting more articles than usual, but these days I have being caught up with more study and less free time, please forgive me for that. 🙂 😛


The true meaning of being nostalgic

Just 2 days ago, my mid semester exam got over which was going on for a last 7 days, I had exam every alternate day, and for the last paper, there was not enough time to study, but on the contrary the last exam went very well and as compared to the previous 4 papers, I think I will get a good score. Yesterday I took some time out in the morning to clean up my closet, which required rather demanded cleaning for an entire year, which I was postponing for every small excuse.

While cleaning I found some old Duelmaster cards, some Pokemon tazos and my own tooth which I had preserved for a long long time. It might seem a bit odd keeping your tooth in a zip lock for the last 4-5 years or so, but preserved tooth signified something very powerful, it signified that I had successfully moved on from the difficult times I had in my past. At that moment I finally got what it meant to be nostalgic, a feeling of longing for a memory good or bad, which might not happen in your life again. completelyuelmaster cards and Pokemon tazos, signifed something really positive, it was a time which I had a lot of friends,we played together, traded those cards, we even tried to figure out how exactly do we play with those cards yet unsuccessfully, though all this reminded me one thing, I had changed a lot, and the old times in our life are undeniably different than the present times.


Duelmaster cards, Pokemon tazos and a statue of liberty eraser(souvenir of my 2008 USA trip)

The preserved tooth reminded me of my struggle to speak when I had braces, it was the most difficult phase of my life, most of the time I became a laughing stock in front of all my friends, it felt really bad, but the preserved tooth has told me another great story. It told me that it is possible to move on from your past and live in the present. I remember quite well that when I preserved that tooth I told my parent that, when I will look back at this tooth in the near future things will be different, it will signify something really pristine and special when I see it in the near future. Incidently that’s what has happened I changed braces got off and I could properly express myself, people stop making fun of me, rather people start respecting me as a man with a plan in his mind. This incident told me one thing that we change as time passes by, and we should always remember that the change is for the best.

Today I completely understand what it means to be nostalgic, to be happy that bad things happened to me, I had the courage and confidence to overcome all difficulties, and emerge as a man with enough confidence to express myself properly and hope to complete my objective in my mind. 🙂