An Inspiring Story- Forrest Gump

As I was swapping channels on my TV I coincidentally came upon this amazing movie named Forrest Gump. It is a story of a specially abled man how despite all the problems he goes about to lead an inspiring life where he goes to fight the Vietnam war, returns triumphantly, and then goes about to take an adventure where he runs the whole of america for 3 continuous years. It also narrates how this mans life goes about to influence the life of his army lieutenant Dan, his childhood sweetheart jenny and his best friend Bubba. I’m NOT going to review this but I wanted to write an article about it because I was inspired by it. The movie is a light hearted, at the same time it made me cringe. It consolidates a simple concept in our life which we normally forget as we grow old. The concept of honesty and sincerity in work and also to work not for returns but for the fun of it. In our life we tend to work because we want the world to see us, celebrate us for the talent we possess. We forget that some things have to be done sincerely because we make promises to our dear ones. It particularly helps me remind that we have to do certain things for the fun of it and NOT for fame.


One of the greatest quotes this film has made

Our parents teach us this simple lessons but as we grow up we forget that. It also told me an another interesting thing- No job is small and all jobs share an equal importance. Home is one place you should never forget, the ideals our parent teach are very important and we should hold them as long as we are alive. Forrest Hump runs for 3 continuous years(resting only for food and sleep) not for fame but for the sake of it, and goes about to change and inspire people all over America and also the entire world. Hard work and sincerity should be our sole principles in life. He goes about to change the life of his former army lieutenant Dan who is disheartened because he is crippled during war but Forrest gump saves his life during war and changes him completely. Live your life for the fun of it and  to inspire others and remember to save them during their dire times.


One of the many things I adopt in my life!!


An Incomplete Intact C(h)ord

As we sat on the dinner table laughing ourselves to the jokes told by my dad, in the midst of all the jokes and witty comebacks, he hit an emotional chord in me, he said, “When I see you (me) and your ways, I see a past of me lingering with me, and what you see in me, is future standing in front of you”. What he said made me think about both of us, our ways, habits, peculiarities, etc. as everybody knows, we are nothing but a reflection of our parents, at the same time we see in our parents our future selves. As it goes in everybody’s’ family, me and my dad disagree on many things, and have polar opposite views on preferences of food, habits, we are similar in many ways than I can imagine.

My dad is an accomplished teacher, professor, scientist; he too has his shortcomings, while on the other hand I too have my own set of weaknesses. These shortcomings of both of us are the same, rather I should say similar. My dad being a professor has overcome his shortcomings in time, but on the other hand I’m still haunted by my demons. My demons are my shyness, my inability to explain myself properly and clearly to others, and my hyper negative habit of criticizing myself too often. As the whole story goes my dad too accepted these problems when he was a guy like me, and won over these problems overtime, but it signifies and vindicates one important thing- we are our reflection of our parents and things we inherit from them not just good traits, but their demons as well. The same way with my mom, I have successfully inherited her ability to be a writer (she is a freelance writer and professor), at the same time I too have inherited her demon- her I-completely-trust-you attitude which is a setback in this 21st century.


A sweet childhood photograph of me and my dad which I hold close to my heart, a past and future reflection indeed!

Another thing I noticed along this way is that we always live in our past or our future, the reason behind this is quite clear now, we never really come face-to-face with our present self, we either are told by our parents that we are their past reflection or we are told that they are the reflection of our future. Against all this cliché, this goes, we are meant to live the present as it is a gift presented to us, but on the contrary we find ourselves thinking about the past or the future. We are either regretting or worrying despite. What we see in our parents and what they see in us(youngsters), is just the universe’s way of telling us that we are incomplete in our own ways, and mending ourselves is a difficult task all-in-all. Being incomplete is how this universe is telling us to live our life presently. In short this universe is a visionary, he is giving us a chance to exorcise our demons, and be a fuller versions of our better self, which lies somewhere in the middle awaiting to be discovered.

Song Chronicles: Mother

Well I had written this post on the advent of mother’s day but it is worth resharing it on the advent of women’s day, after all mother is also a women who cradles you, takes care of you.
Happy women’s day!! 🙂

Endless Journey

On the advent of mother’s day, I went to my iPod, and listened to the song mother by the greatest band, Pink Floyd. Well this song made me tear-eyed, and it makes up all the characters each and every mother in this world.

This song is actually is divided into 2 distinct verses- one verse is a conversation of a very young boy with his mother, and the other verse talks about the conversation between an adolescent/adult man with his old mother. The mother is the most endearing and kindest person in the world. She is the person, who always has to answer the questions of a child. Moreover she always takes care that the answers are not too harsh, and are not demeaning, but rather they are optimistic,positive and encouraging, even when the latter(reality) is the bitter truth. Mom always takes care of us when we are sick and…

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Change is the only constant

You must have come across this myth several times in your life- Nothing changes in a day but everything changes when you look at the big picture. We want our life, our routine to stay the same, but despite this we still want something interesting occurring in our life, so that it changes everything. It is ironical, but it is true. Wherever we like a certain spectrum of bands that play similar music( rock scene, pop scene), we make a vow to ourselves that we would listen to this music for the rest of our life, but as years pass unconsciously we change the music we listen to, and subsequently break that vow we made years ago.



The inspiration behind the post!! Thanks C.S. Lewis sir!!

This just highlights the most important aspect of our life- Change; Change is a factor that drives almost each and every aspect of our life. It is string of events that occur that change our situations in our life, they are good, bad, worst, but remember they are NEVER permanent. It teaches us to adept to this ever flowing river called life; the way we react to change makes everyone different. During my 2 months stint away far away from home. I got used to the hostel life, I truly enjoyed it, but when I came back home, I found it hard to get back to my normal life. The moral of the story is don’t make the mistakes I made, don’t get used to a particular way of life, don’t put your heart and soul to a particular way of life, in short don’t attach feelings/longings to a particular routine, adopt a simple principle- Change is the way of life. Have you observed a particular thing that happens to us when we’re listening to music, we tend to enjoy music when we are in a journey, or when we are in a transient phase, than when we are at equilibrium. This is just another way of life telling us that TO CHANGE IS TO GROW. Change is the only constant, embrace it not too tightly, but ENJOY it!!