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Change is the only constant

You must have come across this myth several times in your life- Nothing changes in a day but everything changes when you look at the big picture. We want our life, our routine to stay the same, but despite this we still want something interesting occurring in our life, so that it changes everything. It is ironical, but it is true. Wherever we like a certain spectrum of bands that play similar music( rock scene, pop scene), we make a vow to ourselves that we would listen to this music for the rest of our life, but as years pass unconsciously we change the music we listen to, and subsequently break that vow we made years ago.



The inspiration behind the post!! Thanks C.S. Lewis sir!!

This just highlights the most important aspect of our life- Change; Change is a factor that drives almost each and every aspect of our life. It is string of events that occur that change our situations in our life, they are good, bad, worst, but remember they are NEVER permanent. It teaches us to adept to this ever flowing river called life; the way we react to change makes everyone different. During my 2 months stint away far away from home. I got used to the hostel life, I truly enjoyed it, but when I came back home, I found it hard to get back to my normal life. The moral of the story is don’t make the mistakes I made, don’t get used to a particular way of life, don’t put your heart and soul to a particular way of life, in short don’t attach feelings/longings to a particular routine, adopt a simple principle- Change is the way of life. Have you observed a particular thing that happens to us when we’re listening to music, we tend to enjoy music when we are in a journey, or when we are in a transient phase, than when we are at equilibrium. This is just another way of life telling us that TO CHANGE IS TO GROW. Change is the only constant, embrace it not too tightly, but ENJOY it!!


My second cover

As the title tells you in this post I will be posting my second music cover of the legendary song “stairway to heaven” by Led Zeppelin, when we actually did the cover we were quite excited and we did it with fierce gusto, so because of this you couldn’t cover the whole song or the vocal we only covered the intro and some more part. So if I need to be completely honest with you, it is an instrumental of the intro. So enjoy and feel free to express your thoughts about the cover and also we guys are open to suggestions or improvements you can tell us and we can work out on the weak points and improve next time.

So this is us Rishrash Cylanes. Enjoy!! 🙂

First music cover

As my blog says that it is also about music covers and concerts, so this is my first post of my cover of knocking on heaven’s door by Guns N’ Roses, to be honest it is a short version of the song and it is played by me and my best friend. We call ourselves Rishrash Cylanes. My best friend plays guitar and I play the keyboard. So feel free to express your thoughts about this cover of ours.