ALS Ice Bucket challenge: an awareness or wastage?

Just a few days ago I was going through my Facebook newsfeed, and I came across this weird challenge-“ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”. Well I went on and saw the video, in this challenge, the person actually taking this challenge in the next undertake this challenge in the next 24 hours or donate money to research on Amylotrophic Lateral Sclerosis- this disease is a neurodegenerative disease which is at present has no cure. And it is fatal.

Initially I thought, “Hey, this is a nice way to make people donate money to charity or whatsoever”, but as days went on I found out that many people were undertaking the challenge and donating money simultaneously, but then suddenly a lightning bolt of epiphany struck me- ever imagined how many litres of water is wasted by undertaking this challenge. For those of you, who are reading this article, which I’m writing right now, this article will tell you to open your wide closed eyes right now. This challenge whoever invented it had indeed done it with a good purpose in mind, but now since this challenge has gone viral on the net (many celebrities are also taking this challenge!), it has to STOP.

Personally I don’t have anything against people donating money to research on a fatal neurodegenerative disease; I have a problem with the careless way in which water is wasted. I don’t have to elaborate the adverse effects of El Niño and Global warming, which are both major problems plaguing the entire world, my point is why waste water and energy( ICE water!!) to prove your point about donating money to charity.

If you see the stats carefully, about a million people are taking this challenge right now, ever imagined how many litres of water is being wasted for just this challenge, moreover not to forget the amount of energy wasted too for making ice in refrigerators. This challenge is wasting water, fossil fuels (needed for making ice) in general. Moreover according to what I feel, celebrities too shouldn’t support such an unsustainable activity. Fossil fuel, which is day by day declining as a result of excessive use, cannot be regenerated, and one more thing FYI we can’t survive without water, as per an old saying goes-“Life is impossible without water”.

It is important to donate money to research on such a dangerous disease, but the way in which awareness is being spread is wrong and unsustainable. Though you just might say that I’m just using one bucket of ICE water, but that is what a million people are saying as a matter of fact.

I don’t want to discourage people from donating money, all that I have to say is that in the present day, when we are facing acute water shortage and fossil fuel deprivation, the challenge is wasteful and unsustainable. Noble and sustainable awareness methods need to be developed, so as to prompt people to donate money to charity.