In My place, In My Place

This is one post which means a lot to me.

Endless Journey

Well, just yesterday, I listening to my music on Ipod, and I wasn’t paying much attention to it, as I was looking at another screen- computer screen, but I don’t remember what I was looking on the internet, but at that time I stumbled upon this great song on my Ipod. After the song ended, I replayed it, and saw it was from my favorite band Coldplay, and the song’s name was”In My Place”.

I again played that song, and I wasn’t paying much attention to the lyrics, I was very happy that I found a perfect song to figure out on my keyboard, so I was fully focused on the background music, which was pretty neat and simple. The song has one of the most energetic chorus, and intro of the song is just captivating. Well, I gave the song a number of listens, and then I said to…

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Like the sun we will live to rise!!

image This photograph served me as a reward for the climb Well I took this photograph when I climbed a small hill which is behind my home, which is set in between the great mountain range of sahydris. It was quite rewarding to get this great capture of sunset and it served me as a compensation for climb over this small hill. After I took this photograph it reminded me of the lyrics of the song “live to rise” by soundgarden. The chorus of the song is like the sun we will live to rise again. Incidently it is the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed movie avengers. image This particular image encapsulates the integrity of the avengers At some point in the movie, the so called avengers team almost dissembles, but again to be reunited for the ultimate battle against Loki and subsequently saving the earth from the aliens’ attack. The same way, when life breaks you into several pieces, we should remember to pick up all these broken pieces consciously by a positive attitude, and start again so that we are victorious over such dire times. The sun sets in the evening just to rise again in the next morning and it is periodic process, I don’t need to explain this. We can get so many lessons from this nature around us. In our life, there are certain events where we are at the lowest point, we lose the hope to rise again but we should remember a popular saying it is always darkest before dawn. For every hard thing that occurs in our life, there is always a positive change that occurs afterwards, we should remember that we should always keep our head and hopes high. Hard times are designed to make us stronger and we have to take these times vigorously because for every dark day in our life, there is a moral revolution that happens in our behaviour, so that we are well equipped to take this uncertain world. This world always is designed so that we are let down, but this is the ultimate chance of a moral evolution  is required once in a while so that we remain rooted to our ideals and virtues. Our life should be like the sun which sets to rise again once more in the short predictable future.

My second cover

As the title tells you in this post I will be posting my second music cover of the legendary song “stairway to heaven” by Led Zeppelin, when we actually did the cover we were quite excited and we did it with fierce gusto, so because of this you couldn’t cover the whole song or the vocal we only covered the intro and some more part. So if I need to be completely honest with you, it is an instrumental of the intro. So enjoy and feel free to express your thoughts about the cover and also we guys are open to suggestions or improvements you can tell us and we can work out on the weak points and improve next time.

So this is us Rishrash Cylanes. Enjoy!! 🙂

The true meaning of being nostalgic

Just 2 days ago, my mid semester exam got over which was going on for a last 7 days, I had exam every alternate day, and for the last paper, there was not enough time to study, but on the contrary the last exam went very well and as compared to the previous 4 papers, I think I will get a good score. Yesterday I took some time out in the morning to clean up my closet, which required rather demanded cleaning for an entire year, which I was postponing for every small excuse.

While cleaning I found some old Duelmaster cards, some Pokemon tazos and my own tooth which I had preserved for a long long time. It might seem a bit odd keeping your tooth in a zip lock for the last 4-5 years or so, but preserved tooth signified something very powerful, it signified that I had successfully moved on from the difficult times I had in my past. At that moment I finally got what it meant to be nostalgic, a feeling of longing for a memory good or bad, which might not happen in your life again. completelyuelmaster cards and Pokemon tazos, signifed something really positive, it was a time which I had a lot of friends,we played together, traded those cards, we even tried to figure out how exactly do we play with those cards yet unsuccessfully, though all this reminded me one thing, I had changed a lot, and the old times in our life are undeniably different than the present times.


Duelmaster cards, Pokemon tazos and a statue of liberty eraser(souvenir of my 2008 USA trip)

The preserved tooth reminded me of my struggle to speak when I had braces, it was the most difficult phase of my life, most of the time I became a laughing stock in front of all my friends, it felt really bad, but the preserved tooth has told me another great story. It told me that it is possible to move on from your past and live in the present. I remember quite well that when I preserved that tooth I told my parent that, when I will look back at this tooth in the near future things will be different, it will signify something really pristine and special when I see it in the near future. Incidently that’s what has happened I changed braces got off and I could properly express myself, people stop making fun of me, rather people start respecting me as a man with a plan in his mind. This incident told me one thing that we change as time passes by, and we should always remember that the change is for the best.

Today I completely understand what it means to be nostalgic, to be happy that bad things happened to me, I had the courage and confidence to overcome all difficulties, and emerge as a man with enough confidence to express myself properly and hope to complete my objective in my mind. 🙂

Tonight I’m feeling like an astronaut

The disconnect of the 21st century

Endless Journey

This song has being in my head for quite some time, and day after day I’m neglecting my responsibility to write an article about this song, which has so much relevance in this 21st century world of ours. The song’s name is “Astronaut”, and it is by a band Simple Plan. All I can say about this song is that it has instigated me to figure this song out on keyboard, as well as I’m amazed by the fact that this song has being written by a punk rock band. Usually punk rock bands don’t write such song, but all i can is thumps up to this band for this song.
The song begins on these lines, the picture emphasizes the true meaning indeed
Today, the WWW or rather the social media has become an integral part of our lives, we spend way too much time checking our phone for…

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A technically new blog

Well today I transferred my old blog from blogger to WordPress so technically it is new blog on WordPress but if you see the blog it is actually about my old endeavors. The blog is dedicated to interpretation of some songs that have influenced my life in some or the other way. So I present to you my old writing. Guys feel free to express your thoughts on my old writings.

Thank you
Yours sincerely
Chaitanya Haram 🙂

The blog link for my new blog is: