Make Amends and follow them!!

It has being a month since I have written a new article. There were several reasons for my absentia, well there were a lot of things that demanded priority over all other things, and I’m sorry for that, I’m sorry that I left you hanging, but now I’m back and here to stay. To talk in more sophisticated terms, I had made amends regarding some important things in my life, which I had to complete, and if I have really completed these things sincerely I will reap benefits from my hard work, it will steer my life in the right direction.


 Well said!

Amends- this word has many meanings- one of them is make up for a past wrongdoing, to compensate for a wrong act, and there is yet another meaning to it too- changing priorities according to changing circumstances, and that’s what happened to me lately. I have a bucket list of to-do-things, in which I had reshuffle a few things, I had to take some things on a higher level while bring down other things to a lower level. I’m sure everybody must have experienced this at least once in their life. You have a hobby, which you pursue rigorously, but at certain situations we have to keep our hobbies in stasis, and focus on other important stuff, that demands our attention ASAP, in those times we act in ways, such that our hobbies receive a bit of setback. But that doesn’t mean we don’t care about our hobby, it just means that certain instances force us to do that, even against our own will.


An Amazing quote indeed!!

The important thing to learn from such circumstances is that we need to precisely know when to take this action, when to change our priorities. Moreover, there is another important lesson that we learn from this, is it really possible to break our flow of things, and then again reinvent the same things in new ways? It helps us differentiate between hobbies that we love to do, and the things that we are compelled to do. The hobbies which we are compelled to do at the behest of someone, eventually stop because we are not passionate about them, but the hobbies that we are passionate about never EVER fade away, they remain as they are- unchanged, unbiased and timeless. It is important to get back to our passion as soon as the stressful period is over, so that we can again calm down, relax our mind and let off some pressure, which builds up as a result of such a situation.


An awesome artwork of the quote of Mahatma Gandhi!

Remember the moment that defines you, is the time you set your objectives straight according to changing circumstances, and when you accomplish those objectives successfully!! 🙂

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