A man with NO strings Attached

On the 6th of Jan 5 months ago I turned 20, I would like to take this opportunity to write about my journey as a child to a young adult. Until now, I have changed my residence about 5 or 6 times and not to mention the number of schools I have changed. The city where I live now, is not the city where I was born, that city is completely different. Moreover the place where I spent my early childhood years is different from the place where I spent my early teens. I always wondered how people feel when they live in the city where they are born, because I am completely alien to that feeling. All in all, I feel no longing for any place, because the place where I’m now maybe be the place where I might not be few years from now. When you change places or cities so frequently, you don’t actually have a constant group of friends, they always change as you move from one place to another.

As far as I can remember I’m used to spending time alone, not that I can’t make friends, but the high that I get exploring things on my own is a different experience altogether. Whenever people ask me about where I was from, the question automatically turns to why did you change cities. I’m  tired of giving people explanation for such trivial things. But this is my journey through this 20 years, I can say that for all these years I have lived a life of nomad. I have no affiliated group of friends because they always change, but one thing that I don’t feel is the sense of belonging to a place. This feeling is missing in my head, whenever I hear people say that we are going to move to a different city, they make a huge fuzz of it, they talk about how they are going to miss their friends, for me I’m like “meh, that’s fine let’s see what this city has to offer to me”. Since I have this missing gene for a sense of belonging, I have this highly evolved ability to adjust to my surrounding. All those people who are always changing cities will get this feeling. But we nomads develop this ability to explore the place where we stay, because that might  not be where we will be in a next couple of years.


I couldn’t resist myself from drawing this amazing Ultron reference! 😀

As I near the final days of being not a graduate, it is clear to me that for my higher education I’m definitely going to change cities or maybe states. In all this I learned one thing, adapt to your new surroundings and the transition will be much easier. As I have said before for people like me, we know the true meaning  of change is the only constant, because literally for us that is TRUE.  Sometimes life wants you to learn certain lessons, way before you are aware of your conscience. Maybe the life of nomad was the ultimate way of life telling me that YOU ARE BORN FOR THIS. 🙂


11 thoughts on “A man with NO strings Attached”

  1. I simply adore this post. I face the same situations when people don’t understand my ability (my willingness) to pack a couple of things and go wherever I want. It’s a wonderful sense…the sense of not belonging to a place. We are the people of the world, not of a certain place. I would like to live a life of nomad all my life. You know, I think for men it’s much more simple to live such a life.

    1. Completely agree with you, the sense of not belonging is wonderful, moreover it helps you adapt to a new surroundings easily. I guess it doesn’t really depend upon whether the person is a man or a women, you really have to have the ability to survive and enjoy the life of a nomad!
      Thanks for stopping by, martafrant. Really appreciate it. 🙂

  2. I used to and still do love the adventure of exploring new places. But when you’re attached to someone, rather than some place, you go to all the exciting places but at the back of your mind, there’s always a sadness of not being able to experience these new and beautiful sights with that person. That’s what happened to me.
    Otherwise I would have agreed with you 100 percent maybe two years ago.

    1. Yeah!! It is different experience all-together when you are attached emotionally to someone, but for me well I enjoy my nomadic life by sharing my experiences I had, through my writing!! Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂

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