An Inspiring Story- Forrest Gump

As I was swapping channels on my TV I coincidentally came upon this amazing movie named Forrest Gump. It is a story of a specially abled man how despite all the problems he goes about to lead an inspiring life where he goes to fight the Vietnam war, returns triumphantly, and then goes about to take an adventure where he runs the whole of america for 3 continuous years. It also narrates how this mans life goes about to influence the life of his army lieutenant Dan, his childhood sweetheart jenny and his best friend Bubba. I’m NOT going to review this but I wanted to write an article about it because I was inspired by it. The movie is a light hearted, at the same time it made me cringe. It consolidates a simple concept in our life which we normally forget as we grow old. The concept of honesty and sincerity in work and also to work not for returns but for the fun of it. In our life we tend to work because we want the world to see us, celebrate us for the talent we possess. We forget that some things have to be done sincerely because we make promises to our dear ones. It particularly helps me remind that we have to do certain things for the fun of it and NOT for fame.


One of the greatest quotes this film has made

Our parents teach us this simple lessons but as we grow up we forget that. It also told me an another interesting thing- No job is small and all jobs share an equal importance. Home is one place you should never forget, the ideals our parent teach are very important and we should hold them as long as we are alive. Forrest Hump runs for 3 continuous years(resting only for food and sleep) not for fame but for the sake of it, and goes about to change and inspire people all over America and also the entire world. Hard work and sincerity should be our sole principles in life. He goes about to change the life of his former army lieutenant Dan who is disheartened because he is crippled during war but Forrest gump saves his life during war and changes him completely. Live your life for the fun of it and  to inspire others and remember to save them during their dire times.


One of the many things I adopt in my life!!

5 thoughts on “An Inspiring Story- Forrest Gump”

  1. Truly, life is a box of chocolates. To add to that, life becomes more beautiful when you share those chocolates. 🙂

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