Song Chronicles: Mother

Well I had written this post on the advent of mother’s day but it is worth resharing it on the advent of women’s day, after all mother is also a women who cradles you, takes care of you.
Happy women’s day!! 🙂

Endless Journey

On the advent of mother’s day, I went to my iPod, and listened to the song mother by the greatest band, Pink Floyd. Well this song made me tear-eyed, and it makes up all the characters each and every mother in this world.

This song is actually is divided into 2 distinct verses- one verse is a conversation of a very young boy with his mother, and the other verse talks about the conversation between an adolescent/adult man with his old mother. The mother is the most endearing and kindest person in the world. She is the person, who always has to answer the questions of a child. Moreover she always takes care that the answers are not too harsh, and are not demeaning, but rather they are optimistic,positive and encouraging, even when the latter(reality) is the bitter truth. Mom always takes care of us when we are sick and…

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