The last chapter of 2014

In a few hours, 2015 begins, new 365 days to write your chapter of life, new memories to create, but now in this article well I would like to reflect on how this year-2014 has being. To summarize this year is a tricky task, but all i can say about it is that it has by being a difficult year for me, emotionally and symbolically. All I can say is that this year was not the time of my life, but it is the first time I’m saying that.

It was in this year, I stayed away from home for 2 months straight for a short stint,  I also learned another crucial lesson- Don’t speak as loud as your heart. These are the lyrics of the song- the scientist by Coldplay, but these words have stayed with me. Moreover as this new year begins, in 6 days I turn 20 after that I have a performance lined up to my college fest for which I’m very excited, as this would be my last performance on my college stage. Musically this year was not again not a great year, I didn’t learn many things, but did the same thing over and over again. This particular piece might appear to be a self-pity article, but 2014 has being an year of wisdom, a year where I learned lessons about how this world actually works, and more importantly, this year will be remembered for yet another reason, it is that I can ACTUALLY survive without my home, which I hold close to my heart and soul. As I pen down the last few words of this article, I’m quite optimistic about the brand new ‘blank’ 365 days of 2015, which I plan to utilize more efficiently than 2014. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year!!!!! 🙂


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