Song Chronicle: This Velvet Glove

It has being a long time since I written my earliest type of article the song chronicles, it will be the first time I will publish this type of article on my new blog. This time the song that has taken some considerable time in my life is this velvet glove, it starts off on a rather interesting guitar piece, and the feel of the song is a little spiritual rather i should say philosophical.

One of the most difficult thing in our life is to live in the present, it is an irony that it should be a difficult thing but it is so. We either are lost in the thoughts about our future or past. Well the same thing happened to me too, a few years ago as well as a few days back I was a bit lost in the memory lane of my dark past, this song did take my breath away and it made me figure this song out on my beloved piano. As I was saying my past is a little ‘close to my skin’ even though it is not so memorable. I’m trying really hard to move on rather I’m still to trying to settle in my present(Sittin’ by the phone I’m left alone In another zone)it is not so easy to do that(someone who has been I’m falling in). People suggest me that it is better to move on and not dwell on my past but enjoy the moment after all it is not an easy task(John says to live above hell My will is well). During some times in my life, there have been instances when I thought that people were just expecting me to fail, but these present times are not that times, the present life that I have being the best days of my life, there is a saying that old habits don’t die so easily so I think it is an old habit that might be lingering behind that has being troubling me(no one is waiting for me to fail my will could sail)

After reading all this you might just feel that all that I’m doing is that I’m wasting my precious time thinking about the past and speculating that the past does not repeat itself in the future. But I believe that past is something that you should carry with yourself and it should be a source of your inspiration for living your present life. At times I feel that my past is just another best friend I have in my life who has being with me through thick and thin, but at the same time I feel that this guy has just over stayed his life, and now whenever an opportunity prevails for him to come up he comes up eagerly and tell me his dream(I want to taste the taste of Being face to face with common grace To meditate on the warmest dream And when I walk alone I listen To our secret theme). He tells me that his dream is to see you on the top of this world, I want to see you succeed in life. Even though my past is just a thought the lyrics of the song tell me the truth and it makes me imagine my past as a friend.


Some dreams of your past and your present are one and the same thing…

As I look into his(the past) eyes, they are clear unfortunately they are filled with hate for this world, besides this these eyes are so clear that you can see through him feel what he feels, they speak the truth. The truth behind the fact that even though I might have moved on from the past, he will follow me into the future and he will dictate me what I should do in my life. The real deal is to choose between two things the dream of my past or the dream of my present(Your solar eyes are like Nothing I have ever seen Somebody close That can see right through I’d take a fall and you know That I’d do anything I will for you).


The Chorus, maybe one of the most powerful and energetic chorus I ever listened to                                            tumblr_mk9qdqwU7g1rt9wruo1_500

One of the most powerful lyrics I have ever heard

As I move on with my life,  I work for my future a bright future, well everyone works like that not just me.(Sailin’ for the sun ‘Cause There is one Knows where I’m from I care for you I really do I really do).One thing I want to showcase this world is that I’m what I’m in the present and not what has become of me because of my past. It is one of the difficult things to do, rather it is one of the few things I’m struggling with in my present. But as I try to move on and start believing that the past doesn’t define you but the good things that happen in my life define you, my dreaded and dear friend the past returns, he comes up  because I unintentionally called him back.( Come closer now So you can lie Right by my side Sit alone in the sun I wrote a letter to you Getting over myself)

This  time I tell him the truth that I have finally moved on and I don’t need you anymore besides this he again remind me of ‘our secret theme’. As you unintentionally think about your past and thing about the time you have moved on from it, you will observe a pattern a pattern regarding how your life turned out after you moved, this pattern tells you that the truth that you found it hard to believe earlier- the past does not repeat itself. The thing that happen to you in your life is the most unlikely ways are not among the signs that the past is going, but they are an indication that such things are a part and parcel of the real world affecting you. You will realize that disaster or rather I should say that the unlikely events that happen in your life is the real world’s way of making you stronger and cleverer for facing it boldly and not running away from it(Disasters are Just another star Falling in my yard John says to live above hell My will is well). The bitter irony you shall see from this is that the past from which you are trying to move away from, will eventually catch up with your present self, and it will make you realize one of the strangest things in life- the joy that you get from running from it is less than the happiness you acquire when you hold onto your dreaded friend the past(Long to be with Someone to tell I love your smell). It painstakingly tell you that you will eventually succeed in your life and that you can never get rid of me in your life because I’m (the past) just a part of you.

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