A teacher is……

Well today is 5th September, and it is celebrated in India as teacher’s day. It is celebrated a teacher’s day because of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday, who himself was a teacher before he was the President of India. I take this time out of my life to write some thoughts I had regarding this day.
Teacher, a person who inspires and is responsible for changing a complete generation. He/she is a person who teaches us how to write, read and take life as it comes. He is a watchful protector, who directs a child’s thinking in the right direction. I  take this golden opportunity to thank all my teachers for helping me throughout my life, helping me improve my grammar skills and inspiring me with their completely different ideas(all my language teachers), teaching me important concepts of Physics, Math, Biology and chemistry and most importantly for helping me inculcate my hobbies(my music teacher).

The Karate Kid
This movie is entirely about master and his student and their intertwined lives

     Sorceress’s apprentice

“I am not your mentor, I’m your MASTER”- Balthazar Blake

In this 21st century India, it is high time we pay our dues to our beloved teachers. They are the people who help us in many things. Teachers are one of the most important people in our lives, who help us take life as it comes, there are so many instances in movies-“Kung Fu panda 1 and 2”, “The Karate kid”, “Sorceress’s apprentice” and “Never Back Down”, where a teacher inspires the protagonist to be strong and most importantly to believe in themselves. It is this belief, which is the driving force for our excellence in our lives, and we should never forget that teachers are the ones who instil this concept in us. Moreover i’m also proud to be a part of the ancient Indian tradition where the teacher is a mentor, taskmaster and an ultimate MASTER. It is also the first time in 21st century India, that the PM held a special session to salute the teachers of India, and take some time out of his busy schedule to interact with the young generation of India, well it is first ever time he has tried to reach out to the children.

Never Back Down

                 I don’t have to say anything more………..

Kung fu Panda

The quote!!!!

Now I need to go call all my teachers!! I wish all the teachers in this world, a happy teacher’s day!!!

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